PVC Four Pipe Outlets Extrusion Line

One mould four outlet PVC line pipe, water supply pipe production line can reduce equipment investment costs, workshop costs and cost of production, greatly improve the capacity. SJSZ65/132 main extruder, easy to reach 5.5-6.5 tons / day. Φ16≥8-10 m/min.

Four outlet pipe extrusion line including SJSZ 65/132 main extruder, four outlets moulds, four outlets cooling forming tank, four outlets haul off machine, four outlets cutting machine, four outlets pipe stacker.

Main parameter

A.: applied pipe diameter: Φ16mm-Φ32mm

B. four outlets haul off machine: upper and lower traction (caterpillar)

C. hauling speed: 1-10m/min

D. hauling force: 6000N

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