PE Carbon Spiral Reinforced Pipe Production Line

Production line introduction:

This machine is mainly used for the production of polyethylene spiral corrugated pipe, the pipe is mainly used for (optical) cable jacket protection, and application areas gradually expand to use electric power, telecommunications, postal and highways, ports and other infrastructure. With high strength, high toughness, corrosion resistance, no deformation, convenient transportation construction, and also can be processed into can be bent into a long pipe of various size radian, because of many advantages, it has received praise of users in various fields, is to replace the iron pipe and PVC pipe products ideal.

Compared with the common double wall corrugated pipe unit, the utility model has the advantages of less equipment investment, high production pipe strength and convenient operation and maintenance.

Technical features:

1, the configuration of a single screw extruder polyolefin, with high speed extrusion, high-speed plasticization and other characteristics.

2, special separation of mixed screw and spiral structure of the machine head, the flow channel is reasonable, smooth pipe inside and outside the wall.

3, the use of the latest cooling production process, accelerated cooling to improve the cooling effect, so that no distortion and deformation in high speed production, thereby improving the production speed. Production range 50-200mm, production speed 1.5-3 M / min.

4, the standard design of the pipe head, spiral distribution of fluid, large flow space, to ensure that the melt has enough time to stay.

5, the optimal design of low melting temperature, the internal stress of the tube is small, smooth inside and outside the surface.

6, high flexibility, suitable for all co extruded polyolefin material, extrusion of two layers, three layers of different specifications of spiral reinforced pipe.

7, the optimization design of copper spiral sleeve entrance end with pre cooling and powerful vacuum suction device, suitable for the high speed extrusion pipe.

8, specially designed spray head to bring high efficiency spray cooling.

9, the longitudinal movement of motor adjustment, up and down to achieve three-dimensional adjustment.

10, the box made of stainless steel.

11, high efficiency water pump and special spray head bring high efficiency spray cooling.

Extruder model


(Single outlet)

SJ-65/30B (single outlet)


(double outlet)

Pipe diameter(mm)




Forming water tank




Haul off machine




Film wraping machine




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