Several common plastic pipe (HDPE, PVC, PPR, etc.) compare the advantages and disadvantages

Today, plastic pipe is widely applied, many types of plastic pipes, the following comparative advantages and disadvantages of several common plastic pipe.

HDPE pipe: good toughness, good fatigue strength, good temperature resistance, light weight, good flexibility and can impact performance. Welding needs electrical, mechanical connection, the connector great.

PVC / UPVC pipe: corrosion-resistant and strong, easy bonding, inexpensive, hard texture. There UPVC monomers and additives bleed, does not apply to water transport, the joint adhesive technology requirements, the curing time is longer.

PP-R pipe: good temperature resistance. Under the same conditions of pressure and temperature of the medium, the thickest wall.

PEX pipe: good heat resistance, good creep resistance. You can only connect with metal parts, can not be recovered for reuse.

PB pipe: good heat resistance, good tensile, compressive strength, impact resistance, low creep, high flexibility. China has not PB resin material, dependence on imports, high prices.

CPVC pipe: the best temperature resistance, good anti-aging properties. Prices, only for hot water systems.

PEX-Al-PEX pipe: easy bending, completely eliminating oxygen permeation coefficient of linear expansion is small. Wall thickness uneven.

ABS pipe: high strength, impact resistance. Poor UV-resistant adhesive curing time is longer.

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